Dreamtoast Feb 8 - 2014

The Importance of Eye Contact

 Eye Contact in Improv In my Grade 10 gym class, we had a final interview with our teacher at the end of the semester. I can’t for the life of me remember why, or what we were supposed to talk about. I do remember the teacher, who was an alpha-male, jock type, probably in his …


Improv vs. Metaphor ep. 12 – Vinyl vs. Cassette

Hosts Rob Janowski and Owen Chan chat with guest improvisor – on loan to us from Edmonton’s Rapid Fire Theatre – Ben Gorodetsky! Ben wasn’t sure how geeky about improv and music we should get in this thing, so we just went full out. Here’s a list of musical things we don’t talk about: 8 tracks, speaker systems, fidelity, synthesizers, and sick bass. But there’s a whole bunch that we do.


Improv vs. Metaphor ep. 11 – Rock vs. Jazz

Guest host JBel and guest Nicole Zylstra rock out to the smooth sounds of jazz in our first guest host episode! You don’t need to know much about music theory to get into the nitty gritty as these two powerhouse improvisors discuss the structure of kicking out the jams, telling stories, and doing their best Beatles impersonations. Is your improv more like rock, or more like jazz? Let us know in the comments.


Featured Player — Nicole Zylstra

Nicole Zylstra brings a wealth of talent and experience to the Kinkonauts, having worked professionally in improv and traditional theatre since 1998. In addition to the Kinkonauts mainstage, she is a regular cast member with Dirty Laundry: Calgary’s Improvised Soap Opera, and has many more theatre credits to her name, both as an actor, and …