Improv week - Photo Courtesy of Nicole Zylstra

Featured Player — Ryan Sheedy

Who is Ryan Sheedy? Is he the charming, thoughtful member of The Adventure who blogged earlier this year about being kind? What about Notorious’ improv-rap whiz kid Slim Sheedz? Or part of the goofy, dynamic short-form troupe known as Obviously Improv? Will the real Ryan Sheedy please stand up? (Please stand up, please stand up.) Marie Boston, who has played… Read more →

One Lions Skype-Prov: Chandeliers


It’s just like your Skype calls with your parents. If your parents could Skype. And your parents were absurd and hilarious. So yeah, EXACTLY like a Skype call with your parents, except without you talking.

One Lions may be separated but they are still…uh…one? Stephen moved to Manila to stalk Manny Pacquiao and try-out for the Philippines Basketball Association San Mig Super Coffee Mixers. Covy stayed in Calgary because his probation forbids him from travelling outside of the suburb of Tuscany. But the magic of Skype has brought them back together.

Every so often Covy and Stephen will improvise a Skype call. It’ll be just like the One Lions you know and love and secretly talk shit about at the bar, except…uh…Skype.

This week’s One Lions Skype-prov is titled “Chandeliers” and features (spoiler alert!) chandeliers, a Nazi apologist, a cow named Bortles, the light and the dark. Enjoy!


Fall Training at The Calgary Improv School!

The Calgary Improv School is a joint creation of The Kinkonauts and Obviously Improv. We are now accepting registration in the following courses in October & November! All classes will take place in our Lab at 112 16th Avenue N.W. Level A: Improv Foundations: This beginner level class is great for those new to improv or for those looking for a… Read more →

Kinkonauts alien astronaut image

A Whole New World – Kinkonauts 2014-2015 Season

The Kinkonauts are Back Baby! Following an extremely successful 2013-2014 season, we are back for their first show week of the season September 24 – 27 and we couldn’t be more excited! But let’s just stop for a second and take a moment and reminisce about all the fun things we did last season…. We played with many new formats… Read more →

Improv vs. Metaphor EP. 20 – Magic vs. Science


Improv vs. Metaphor Ep 20

Episode 20 – Magic vs. Science

Guest: The Harveys

Host Rob Janowski sits down with Harvey Studios executives Christine Harvey and Michael Harvey to discuss magic, science, and how they’re basically the same thing anyway. Or as Arthur C. Clarke probably said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” 

This closes out our first season of the Improv vs. Metaphor podcast… bud don’t worry, Season Two starts very soon!

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