the hill

Covy on “The Hill”

The Kinkonauts Covy Holland was able to work with some amazingly talented Calgary artists from improv companies like Loose Moose and Dirty Laundry on their CBC Comedy Coup project “The Hill”. Help support Calgary artists and give these guys your votes! Read more →

Invention vs. Discovery

Last year, Dream Toast coach Owen Chan had us do an interesting exercise. We did two person scenes and when he saw a certain something, he would edit them and the next two person scene would begin. None of us improvisers knew exactly what that something was. After 15 minutes and many scenes he finally let us in on the secret.… Read more →

Nicole Zylstra and Covy Holland

Being Nicole Zylstra – Start Thinking Clearly

Start Thinking Clearly I decided to buy an e-reader for my birthday. I went into Chapters and found someone to explain them all to me. I decided on the one that had the best features for what I wanted that was within the budget I had set. All done! Except then I hesitated. I went through all the specs again.… Read more →

An Interview with Laura Tennisco

This autumn The Kinkonauts have joined together with Obviously Improv to bring you Improv School. Laura Tennisco is the artistic director of Obviously Improv, as well as a regular improviser with Mixtape, Loose Moose Theatre Company, and the wildly popular hip-hop group Notorious. We sat down over a nice cozy email to ask about her upcoming class Impro Mama: Coaching… Read more →

September 27 2014 Show Photos

Saturday night, another two shows! This evening hosted by a very dapper Steele, who has likely patented the red shirt/black bowtie/black suspenders/thumbs up combo now. Duo act Motorcycle Maintenance opened for another Fun Tank by our house team The Adventure. Then, a very Pingo inspired edition of Pushpins. The evening ended with the hip-hoppingest stylings of Notorious, and the season opener of Mixtape, this show inspired by Queen’s A Night At The Opera. Read more →