video of show week

April show week video!

Here is a sneak peak into what will be going down at Lord Beaverbrook High school April 25 & 26th. Video by Marie Boston. Staring Princess Ryan Sheedy, Nerdy Noel Fardy,  The Jock, Christine Harvey and the heinously didactic Covy Holland. Fri April 25 & Sat April 26 – 730pm - Improvised John Hughes -  Friday Event Information & Tickets,  Saturday Event Listing & Tickets …


Improv vs. Metaphor ep. 14 – John Hughes vs. Kevin Smith

Podcast: Play in new window | Download IMPROV VS. METAPHOR EPISODE 14: john hughes vs. kevin smith Guest: Jessica Belbin Jessica Belbin and Rob Janowski get all auteur-istic in this director’s cut of Improv vs. Metaphor. It’s like they prepared, but trust us, they didn’t… they just both happened to have this knowledge in their head. There …

Dreamtoast Feb 8 - 2014

The Importance of Eye Contact

 Eye Contact in Improv In my Grade 10 gym class, we had a final interview with our teacher at the end of the semester. I can’t for the life of me remember why, or what we were supposed to talk about. I do remember the teacher, who was an alpha-male, jock type, probably in his …


Improv vs. Metaphor ep. 12 – Vinyl vs. Cassette

Hosts Rob Janowski and Owen Chan chat with guest improvisor – on loan to us from Edmonton’s Rapid Fire Theatre – Ben Gorodetsky! Ben wasn’t sure how geeky about improv and music we should get in this thing, so we just went full out. Here’s a list of musical things we don’t talk about: 8 tracks, speaker systems, fidelity, synthesizers, and sick bass. But there’s a whole bunch that we do.