Paul & Aaron - Giggle Duck

Being the Terminator of Bad Ideas

Come with me if you want to improvise. I think all of us have had the experience of going on stage with an expectation. Sometimes this expectation is a specific scene or idea or character, or it could just be a building block you’re bringing… but even if you’re bringing nothing, you often still bring something: your hope that the… Read more →

Giggle Duck Podcast Episode 1 – Quack Attack


All aboard for Giggle’s Duck’s audio adventure – Quack Attack! This premier experimental podcast episode features games, giggles, guffaws and far too many awkward confessions. Listen to what happens when two comedy obsessed Kinkonauts try something new!

Giggle Duck

We are the mad scientists of improv! Through collaboration and experimentation, we present a unique and engaging show experience by playing with classic formats and testing out new ones. Each month, we welcome guest players of all experience levels from groups around the city to practice, play and experiment with us. A show could consist of short form, long form, music, rapping or all of the above! Come play with us or check us out! This is a show made for and by improviser who want try new stuff out!