Workshops (Skill Building)

High Trust Teams

Fail your way to Success! Learn to expand your comfort zone and enjoy the possibilities in taking risks, living with uncertainty, and learning from failure. Be a better listener, inspire your team to greater success, and unlock your colleagues’ creativity in a fun, no stakes environment. When building your team, bring a brick, not a blueprint.

Tell Stories Like a Boss.

Are you looking for ways to communicate company messages more effectively, with greater impact?

A workshop in Storytelling for Leaders, or Brevity, can make your messaging more impactful. Keep your audience engaged and listening actively while you get your point across. Be the one your audience remembers for all the right reasons.

Improv and Story for Trainers, Teachers and Facilitators

Do you need to engage learners and participants? Learn how improvisors use games and story to entertain and engage people in new concepts and practices.

High Stakes Conversations

Role play. Simulation. Feedback. Drills.

Are you:

  • A manager engaged in ongoing evaluation and coaching of your teams?
  • A client facing customer service expert?
    Someone who is on the front line of some very difficult conversations?

Is your company:

  • Engaged in rapid change?

Are your leaders:

  • Responsible for facilitating complex conversations?

Prepare for your high stakes conversations. Make mistakes with us in a no-stakes environment where we provide real-time customer/client/employee experience and you get real feedback without judgement. Our facilitators guide you to better outcomes where you can make the best of a bad situation, or make a great one even better.