Supersonic Scenes


Learn to turbo-charge your scenes and improvise at the speed of light!

You must have completed the prerequisites before enrolling (see below).

This class is for adults ages 18 and up.

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In this turbo-charged class, we’ll revisit all the basics of improv you know and love – but this time through the lens of SPEED! Working through Who, What, Where and Why, we’ll get you improvising at the speed of light. We’ll use both long and short form techniques, focusing on pace, impulse, sub-conscious, silence, movement/action, fear and control. This will be a stop/start class, propelled through discussion and the use of theatre principles.
This class is intended for intermediate to advanced improvisers. Please come ready to work.
Prerequisites: ALL the Kinkonauts introduction & intermediate classes (four classes), or 50 hours of improv experience, or equivalent. Email Laura if you have questions about your level of improv.

Taught by Aaron Ranger

Aaron Ranger has been improvising and acting professionally for over a decade. He has trained through IO Chicago, Second City Toronto, Improv Guild, Loose Moose, Kinkonauts and various other faculties. His credentials are on the wall… at his mom’s house.