Sara Simpson

Sara is a past winner of a bronze medal at the Manning Science Fair in Grade 3 and a silver medal for a speech at zones competition in Grimshaw, AB. She’s been making little speeches ever since. Her improvisation career began at the Rosebud Theatre and then on to the Improv Guild (2009-2013) before becoming a founding member of the short form troupe, Obviously Improv in 2014. She began improvising with the Kinkonauts in 2016.

Sara appeared in the Prairie Bowl in 2016 and in Women in Improv at the Calgary International Improv Festival in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Acting credits include: The Curious Savage, Arms and the Man (Rosebud Theatre); The Crucible (ABC Theatre); and Fringe shows Stonewater Rapture and Night Mother (Pixie Productions).

Sara graduated from Rosebud School of the Arts with a FRSA in Acting in 2000.