Rob Janowski

Rob moved to Calgary from Ottawa to get away from bilingual roadsigns that confused him and to be closer to the mountains, and now he rarely goes there because it’s still too long of a drive. He took up Improv in 2012 and took to it like a cat in a mostly filled bathtub, but he’s too damn persistent so now he’s in The Adventure.  He currently resides with his dog, and there is a disagreement between them who farts more. A connoisseur of bacon and crepes, he can usually be found hanging around the University of Calgary “working on his dual degree in film and communications” where he once saw Jay Ingram riding a four person bike like vehicle (“but with seats set up like a car, not like a bike”) which reaffirmed Rob’s belief that everything on television is real. He does not understand the difference between literal and figurative, although he’s convinced at one point he did get the core concept.