Jessica Belbin

Jessica is a Broadcaster, a performer, and has been trying to find herself for a long time. She looked in Montreal but only found poutine and a whole lot of short French people. She came back home to Calgary and looked for herself at Mount Royal College, there she found a Diploma in Broadcasting in 2007 and learned that she could get paid for talking. She next looked under Newcap Radio and found that being loud and having an opinion were not only accepted but encouraged. She then found Improv with the Kinkonauts in 2009 and discovered the power and the terrifying awe of working with the unknown.

Having found a few pieces of the puzzle of herself she now knows she is a loud, opinionated, talkative, creative soul who is drawn to and afraid of the unknown. She hopes to learn how to race cars, fly planes and act in movies: so basically do things that Tom Cruise does but in a much less weird and egomaniacal way. She also likes bubbles, coconut ice cream and the word arugula.