Andy Stefanato

Andy is one of the executive directors of Calgary Improv School, alongside Laura Tennisco. She is also one of the equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) coordinators with the Kinkonauts. Andy is  a teacher, coach, producer, and player with the company. Andy has been improvising since 2012 and has loved it since forever. Andy has studied with the Improv Guild, Loose Moose Theatre Company, and The Kinkonauts, all based in Calgary, as well as the iO theatre in Chicago. She is a regular teacher in Kinkonauts drop-in classes and Calgary Improv School courses. You can catch her performing with Starfleet Confidential: An Improvised Star Trek and Nonsense and Sensability: An Improvised Jane Austen. When she’s not performing you can catch her napping, watching trash TV or impulse-shopping online.