Inclusion and Safety

The Kinkonauts strive to provide a safe and inclusive space for the creation and enjoyment of improvised performances. We know that sharing and welcoming varied perspectives enriches our work both onstage and off.

We have been actively creating safer spaces by building a culture of support and learning in the areas of inclusion and equity.

We are figuring out how to work towards these goals, knowing we will make mistakes, but not letting fear and discomfort prevent us from undertaking the important work of being a better organization for everyone


We have scholarships available for our Calgary Improv School classes and workshops. Visit our Scholarships page to apply.

The Kinkonauts offer affordable training through our Drop-In Classes.

We mentor performers who represent currently underrepresented communities.


We have created policy and documentation around community standards, expectations, and consequences for behaviour that negatively impacts others.

The Kinkonauts have created an anonymous reporting form. Reports or concerns can also be addressed to any member of the Kinkonauts Board.


Our company members are required to take out inclusion and safety training. We have worked with the following community groups:

  • CCASA (Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse) to present Rethinking Prevention
  • Centre for Sexuality to present Creating a Culture of Consent: Community Bystander Interventions
  • Gina Puntil & Jenna Rodgers to present Equity, Diversity and Intersectionality: An Anti-Racism Workshop


The Kinkonauts have created an anonymous reporting form. Reports or concerns can also be addressed to any member of the Kinkonauts Board.


Black Lives Matter

Read the Kinkonauts statement of support.

35//50 Initiative

The Kinkonauts received the 35//50 initiative letter. As an organization, we want to publicly state our support of the initiative for the betterment of the arts community. Our aspiration is to better reflect the diversity of the Calgary community, and we recognize that we have work to do in this area.

We value equity, diversity, and inclusion, and are committed to providing a safe and inclusive space for the enjoyment and creation of unscripted theatre performances. With this in mind, we agree that representation within our organization and community is vital to the continuous development and accessibility of the Kinkonauts.

We are committed actively increasing the representation of currently underrepresented groups throughout our company. These efforts are taking place in all areas, including our board, directors, managers, producers, instructors, coaches, students, and audiences. We are also increasing our awareness around issues of safety and discrimination among our coaches, instructors, and leadership. We do not currently have paid positions within our organization, but we acknowledge the need for fair and accurate representation within our company nonetheless. Our aim is to reflect the make-up the city we call home.

We recognize that we may make mistakes as we learn and grow, but will not let that deter us from continuing to develop as safe and positive space everyone can create, share, and enjoy this art form together.