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Guest Workshop: The Trickster

The trickster character is as ubiquitous as it is controversial. This archetypical character existed before stories were written down, and was both hated and admired since its first appearance in the collective unconscious. The trickster exists wherever order exists – its sole intention, to undermine it. Loki, Huckleberry Finn, Jack Sparrow and Bugs Bunny are all examples of wonderful tricksters – they’re charming, annoying, and absolutely brilliant.

In improv, we all get to be tricksters. After all, the trickster is spontaneous, funny and totally present – everything we want to be on stage. However, its urge is destructive. The trickster doesn’t have our best interests in mind – it wants to make us uncomfortable and disoriented. It reveals our vulnerability and that of our scene partners. This makes us worry, which makes us silence the trickster within us.

This workshop will challenge us to come to terms with our own inner trickster. We will mess with each other and with ourselves, we will create chaos and accept the consequences, we will let the trickster shine and take us into dark, unexplored territory.

This is an intermediate to advanced level workshop. To register, you must have *minimum* 50 hours of improv experience & instruction. If you have questions about your level, contact jess@kinkonauts.com

Taught by Itamar Karbian

I have been improvising for about 11 years and teaching improv for about 8. I’ve taught improv in improv schools and the Tel-Aviv based MOVE acting studio, as well as in corporate and private environments. I’ve coached teams for both short-form and long-form formats from beginner to performance level.

I am the founder and co-artistic director of Lamabati, one of the oldest performing groups in Israel, and was co-founder, co-artistic director, MC and coach of the Improleague, an Israeli initiative intended to provide performance opportunities for beginner improvisers.

I have travelled to perform all around Europe, including Finland, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Turkey, Greece, Estonia and Sweden.


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September 20
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
$35 – $40
The Kinkonauts
The Rose Room
922 9 Ave SE
Calgary, T2G 0S4 Canada
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