Black Lives Matter

“In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.”

Angela Davis

This past week has seen a lot of people out to protest the racial injustices that have been happening for far too long, specifically to the Black community in the United States. As an organization that strives for inclusivity for all, we support the protesters and their right to be heard. Racism is active in many forms and impacts many people, including those in Canada. It needs to be actively combatted by all of us.

We are here to listen, to learn, to support, and to make space for those who need to be heard in their search for equal treatment within society and the legal system. We have much to learn as a company, and we continue to educate ourselves and our members on how to best support the Black community and other communities that are subject to the kind of exclusion and brutality that are hallmarks of the racism that is sadly all too common in our societies. We are committed to enacting and supporting change. We cannot support unjust power structures. We understand it will be a long process requiring ongoing work from all of us. This fight for justice does not end when the protests end and the story is no longer front-page news.

At this time, there are many educational resources available, and a great place to start is #BlackLivesMatter, where you can also find leaders, events, and support resources. We encourage you to also donate to charitable organizations supporting these groups, as well as to seek out ways to encourage, support, and endow artists who are Black, Indigenous, and people of colour.

Your Board,
Arbind, Bonnie, Jason, Jess, Nicole, Sara & Rob