Sara Simpson – Artistic Director: Mainstage

Sara is the Artistic Director of the Kinkonauts Mainstage. This comes after several years as a Board Member and Co-Artistic Director. She developed the Kinkonauts’ equity and inclusion program and is passionate about dismantling power structures and using the rubble to make killer comedy. 

Sara creates stories of love and heartbreak as half of the duo All Request Heartache, and indulges in empire waistlines and ruffed collars as a performer and director of Nonsense & Sensibility and Much Ado from Nothing. She’s appeared at the Vancouver International Improv Festival, the Big City Improv Festival in Toronto, the Prairie Bowl, the Calgary International Improv Festival, and the Kinkonauts own Reactor Improv Festival. She graduated from Rosebud School of the Arts in 2001 with an FRSA in acting. When she isn’t actively being a Kinkonaut, Sara manages strategic digital communications projects, hangs out with her pet ducks, Bender, Professor Peach Feet, Roberto, and Nibs, and parents her increasingly rational and self-sufficient children with her adorable partner, John.