Professional Development

Stretch out of your comfort zone, be comfortable living with uncertainty, and embrace the other “f” word (failure) as a path to success.

Here’s a chance to feel more connected to your team a playful, safe, and trusting environment. Take your team to the next level or just bond over a lot of laughter with a custom team building session. Learn to feel more comfortable taking risks, be a better listener, and unlock your creative thinking in a supportive group environment where everyone’s got your back.

Collectively the Kinkonauts hold degrees in Leadership, Teaching, Directing, and Fun. Let us support your growth as a team!

Popular topics include

Story-telling for Leaders
> Workplace Innovation,
> Presentation Skills
> High Trust Teams

Yes, AND we can do it all Virtually if that’s what you need!

“When I heard we were doing improv, I thought, oh no, I’m going to hate this. But I really loved it! It wasn’t what I was expecting at all!”

– At least one person after each workshop we’ve taught