Nicole Zylstra – Marketing Director

Marketing Director

Nicole has been improvising since 1996 when Hal and Kathi Kerbes (Shadow Productions) told Lenard Stanga, “Someone got sick. Tell your girlfriend to get in the van, we’ve got a show in Innisfail in 2 hours.”

She’s been making stuff up ever since. Her first gig with the Kinkonauts was a trio performance with Owen Chan and Jason Lewis at a local circus where they were introduced as “The Patriarchy.” Since then she’s delighted in performing many narrative genre formats with the Kinkonauts, including Shakespeare, Chekhov, Tarantino, Jane Austen, and Musicals. She has also loved every Beauty, Love Truth show she’s performed in. And she has a special place in her heart for All Request Heartache, a duo she performs with her improv partner, Sara Simpson. She also spent 7 years on the board, teaches improv, coaches teams, and is part of the Corporate Entertainment & Leadership Training Team. And she made these graphics.

She is eternally grateful to Karen Johnson Diamond and Elinor Holt and the 16 years she spent living in character with Dirty Laundry: Calgary’s Only Improvised Soap Opera.  You’ll occasionally see Nicole on rando commercials. She is a published playwright, MFA wielding theatre director, and accomplished singer/songwriter under the name Canadian Famous.