Andy Stefanato – Education Director
Andy has been improvising since 2012, and has loved it since forever.  Andy has been a creator in improv in many different forms, including as an actor, director, coach, and producer. Andy has trained with the Loose Moose Theatre, the Improv Guild, and the Kinkonauts in Calgary, as well as the iO theatre in Chicago.
Andy has been performing with the Kinkonauts since 2018, and with them has been able to perform in narrative genre shows including Nonsense and Sensability: An Improvised Jane Austen, and Starfleet Confidential: An Improvised Star Trek. She has also loved her work in smaller duo formats Heroine, and Big Town Small World.
Andy is currently a drama teacher, and has recently completed her MEd thesis on indigenizing drama curriculum. In her spare time you can catch her napping, watching reality TV, or impulse shopping online.