The Kinkonauts

We are Calgary’s Improv Lab: a longform improvisational theatre troupe based in in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We take up residence on top floor of a movie poster shop (The building on 16th that has KING KONG hanging off of it!) and are comprised of more than 40 improvisors and numerous troupes dedicated to creating emotional, grotesque and profound play-skits and make-em-ups.


We believe that improvisation gives people insight into interaction in their life off-stage, and develops mental elasticity, creativity, resiliency, and collaboration skills in all participants. We use the art of improv to create original theatrical experiences, and as a teaching tool to introduce people to a positive approach to human collaboration and interaction. This benefits people from all walks of life, from the artist, to the CEO, to the English-as-a-second-language student.


The Calgary Improv School, which we run in partnership with our good friends Obviously Improv, provides education in the glorious world of improv and comedy in an effort to share the joy of of this art-form with the community.