Improv vs. Metaphor EP. 20 – Magic vs. Science


Improv vs. Metaphor Ep 20

Episode 20 – Magic vs. Science

Guest: The Harveys

Host Rob Janowski sits down with Harvey Studios executives Christine Harvey and Michael Harvey to discuss magic, science, and how they’re basically the same thing anyway. Or as Arthur C. Clarke probably said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” 

This closes out our first season of the Improv vs. Metaphor podcast… bud don’t worry, Season Two starts very soon!

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Improv vs. Metaphor EP. 19 – Video Games vs. Board Games



Episode 19 – Video Games vs. Board Games

Guest: Paul Saxberg

Hosts Rob Janowski and Owen Chan sit down with Paul “2012 Canadian Game Design Award Winner” Saxberg to discuss the ever shrinking gulf between games we play on coffee tables, on tablets, and on stage. Is short-form improv more or less like Parcheesi than RISK? Is long-form improv more or less like Sorry (it is in Canada, anyway) or Balderdash or Minecraft? Should they make another movie adaptation of DOOM? No really though. All these questions and more will be answered between the lines in the episode, because none of them really directly come up. Join us! Read more

Improv vs. Metaphor EP. 18 – Married vs. Single


Ep 18 Married vs. Single

Episode 18 – Married vs. Single

Guest: Jason Lewis

Hosts Rob Janowski and Owen Chan invite married man Jason Lewis to discuss a topic close to their hearts: relationship status. Yes, it’s complicated, but so is their relationship to improv. Is improv best if you keep it open and mess around, or does it need you to put a ring on it? These men of varying marital status (married, engaged, dating) will probably get into trouble with their respective important women: Jason’s wife, Owen’s fiance, and Rob’s mom. Just kidding! Rob’s mom is super nice, guys.

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