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Seeing Kinkonauts Shows

What can I expect at an improv show?

Improv is spontaneous, unscripted theatre – meaning we write it, direct it and act it on the spot right before your eyes!

An improv show will have some kind of format or structured, but the content  is entirely unique, never to be performed again. It’s about discovering the scene in the moment – when the players and audience find unexpected connections and joy.

When people ask if it was scripted or planned (answer: none of it) – it’s the highest compliment and we know we made improv magic!

How much does the audience participate?

Most shows will ask the audience for one suggestion at the start of the show. Examples are: a simple word, the title of a never-before-written play, or something you did that day. The suggestion gives our improvisers a starting point to inspire their show. The actors might build the whole show around the suggestion, but often will also “follow the rabbit hole” to new ideas it inspires.

A small number of our shows have more audience interaction, like inviting someone onstage. Your participation is 100% voluntary  – meaning we will never pick on you or drag you on stage! That’s just not how we roll. We want the shows to be fun for you.

Can I bring my kid to your shows / Are Kinkonauts shows age appropriate?

The short answer is: it depends on your comfort as a parent! Our shows are completely improvised, so viewer discretion is advised. Some of our shows try to stay PG-13, but other shows regularly venture into mature themes or “HBO” territory. Unless a show is advertised as kid- or family-friendly, we can’t make any guarantees about content. If you are OK with that, then you are welcome to bring your kids to our shows!

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Getting Involved

I’m interested in trying improv. How do I start?

First of all, that’s awesome and so are you! We might be biased, but we think everyone should try improv!

  • We suggest starting with Intro to Improv Part I, which is a four-week class designed for complete beginners to explore the foundations in a supportive environment!
  • You can also come to a Drop-in Dojo an all-levels class offered (almost) every Saturday. Dojo is a fun way to meet different improvisers in the community.
  • And if you haven’t seen a show, we definitely recommend that, too! If you have any more questions, send us a note at info@kinkonauts.com.

How does someone become a Kinkonaut?

Kinkonauts performers are the company players you see in our Friday and Saturday shows. Most of the current cast came up through our classes and either:

  • Were invited into the company or onto an existing troupe, or
  • Auditioned into our Conservatory class. From Conservatory, they may be cast intro troupes.

Going forward, auditioning into Conservatory will be the pathway to joining the company. The most recent auditions were held in Sept. 2018 and were by invitation only to experienced & active members of our community.

Are there other ways to get stage time? What if I’m really experienced?

If you’re in a Calgary Improv School class, you will get a class showcase opportunity! Hooray!

Otherwise, more informal opportunities come up if you are an active member of our community. See shows, meet people, take classes, be a regular at Dojo. Unless you are a very prolific improviser (like Tina Fey calibre), you won’t be able to walk off the street into one of our shows. (Tina, if you’re reading this, let’s talk.)

Word of mouth within the community is the main way to hear about show opportunities and upcoming auditions. (In other words, we don’t publicly advertise those things!)

For example: you can form a troupe with other community members (such as Dojo or CIS alumni). If your team puts effort into practicing and makes a good impression, you may be given a spot in a Friday Launch Pad or class showcase as several community teams currently do.

And lastly, some folks who show up a lot and truly shine may be invited to audition (or directly into Conservatory) by the recommendation of a Kinkonauts leader or teacher.

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Partnering with the Kinkonauts

Will the Kinkonauts partner with my organization?

We work with dozens of community and corporate organizations throughout the year for hosting, performing, workshops, training, custom shows and other special projects! We’d love to hear what you have in mind. Reach out to us with your idea at corporate@kinkonauts.com.

Are the Kinkonauts looking for sponsors?

Yes, definitely! And our team of talented performers will sing your praises to the rooftops!

We actively seek sponsors for our two large events: the 26-Hour Improv Marathon and Reactor Improv Festival, and other occasions throughout the year. We also love in-kind arrangements for food & drink, print services, and more.

If you’re interested in any of the above contact sponsorship@kinkonauts.com.

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